gmax 4.4

Developer Marius Gligor

Gmax is a video surveillance application special designed to use USB WEB CAMS.

Super Webcam Recorder

Super Webcam Recorder 5.0

Developer ZeallSoft

Super Webcam Recorder Software - Freeware.

Webcam Spy

Webcam Spy 4.0

Developer InternetSafetySoftware

I-Can-See-You lets you watch your home or office live from any computer.


WebCleaner 2.5

Developer NetGuarder Inc.

Prevent your children from accessing adult, gambling or violent web sites.


Skype Adult WEB Cams


Camembert 1.0

Developer Pink Mouse Productions

Camembert allows you to organize and display web cams on your desktop. The main window displays a li...

Communication Toolkit for Skype - Expression Web

Communication Toolkit for Skype - Expression Web 1.0

Developer WebAssist

Ipswitch WS_FTP Home

Ipswitch WS_FTP Home 11.0

Developer Ipswitch Inc.

Ipswitch WS_FTP Home application is an easy to use FTP client for the web.

Manager for Skype

Manager for Skype 5.0

Developer Skype Limited

Skype Manager is a web management tool that lets you centrally manage Skype.


CamCollect 2.3

Developer Magenta Systems Ltd, England.

Download,display and save images from the many web cams available on the net.

Cambrosia Webcam Viewer

Cambrosia Webcam Viewer 5.0

Developer Cambrosia

Cambrosia-Webcam Network and Software. Largest Webcam Directory on the Net.

Verbal Area Messenger

Verbal Area Messenger 2.4

Developer Business Craft SL

A free audio and video chat software for making new friends.


Digi-Sites 5.5

Developer Richard Come

With this tool you can monitor web-sites with uploaded EasyPal digital images.

WcRmac - Web Cam Tuning Tool

WcRmac - Web Cam Tuning Tool 2.0

Developer M.Burri - bm98astro

WcRmac provides means to tune certain web cams, allows to save and load settings.


CamCapture 1.2

Developer MuSoft Builders

CamCapture is a program that allows you to monitor web cams.


Skype Adult WEB Cams

XRMX Web Cam Viewer

XRMX Web Cam Viewer 1.0

Developer Greg Colley

XRMX Web Cam Viewer let you view online web cams around the world.

MyPoi Speed Cams Europe

MyPoi Speed Cams Europe 1.1

Developer MyPoi World b.v.

Drive safer and cheaper with MyPoi Speed Cams Europe.

External Link Promotion

External Link Promotion 1.0

Developer Web Site Optimization Software

External Link Promotion: Easy powerful web link popularity & google pagerank boost tool. Easy to fi...

Cams IIS Web Agent

Cams IIS Web Agent 3.0

Developer Cafésoft LLC

Skype web

Skype web 2.9

Developer Skype Limited

Eyeline Video System

Eyeline Video System 1.2

Developer NCH Software

Eyeline Video System is a closed circuit surveillance application.

Skype web features

Skype web features 1.0

Developer Skype Limited



Developer AAPT

CFKC Toolbar

CFKC Toolbar 6.4

Developer CFKC

Provides you with fresh content from Cod Final Kill Cams Community.

Easy Webcam Watcher

Easy Webcam Watcher 2.2

Developer FiberDownload

You can monitor a number of 24 webcams at the same time.

Skype Click to Call

Skype Click to Call 7.2

Developer Skype Limited

Skype Click to Call lets you go from browsing the web to making a call .

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